TeaTracks is run by Gabi & Jan.

We’ve initiated this Webshop to make teas which we like more accessible for the Western tea lovers. 

I (Jan) have been drinking tea all my life. From a good base of English style tea from Sri Lanka at home and Chinese Keemun (Qimen) at my grandmother’s place, I started exploring Japanese green teas and Chinese teas in the late 90s. My interest in Chinese teas grew after a few trips to China in the mid 2000s. When a friend asked me back then if I ever considered importing tea from China, I declined. Now about 15 years later, I reconsidered. 

This web-shop is just a small start with a very limited selection of Pu-erh teas. However, we hope you find something you like! Don’t hesitate to reach out when you have any questions!