Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Scope

The general terms and conditions describe the contractual relationship between TeaTracks V.o.F. and the consumer who purchases items in our shop. Contrary terms to our terms and conditions we do not recognise.

§ 2 Contract 

(1) The offers in this shop are quotes.

(2) You can put one or more items in your shopping cart. In the ordering process you will enter your data and payment preferences. After pressing the order button you enter an offer for binding purchase agreement.

(3) With the immediately sent payment confirmation the purchase agreement is finalised.

§ 3 Saving the contract

The contract of the order will be saved by us. As a registered user you can check all of your orders on our website. 

§ 4 Corrections

During the order process you can change your order. Please contact us for any changes after the payment.

§ 6 Defects

You have the right to declare defects on the product. Please contact us.