Wa Long 瓦竜 2022
  • Wa Long 瓦竜 2022
  • Wa Long 瓦竜 2022
  • Wa Long 瓦竜 2022

Wa Long 瓦竜 2022

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Size: 25 g
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Wa Long is a village in the Man Zhuan area (close to Yi Wu, Xishuangbanna). This tea is made from mostly from ancient tree (gu shu) material. The trees are growing in a national forest in a very good environment.

This tea starts out with gentle floral notes and gets a bit more bitter over time. It has a mind clearing and relaxing effect.

This tea has been stored as loose leaf tea (mao cha) for one year in Jinghong before being pressed into 100g cakes.


Gentle floral notes


Old and ancient trees (gu shu) growing in a natural environment


Wa Long (village), Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China


Early spring 2022


Camellia Sinensis Assamica - large leave


For all our Puerh teas we recommend Gong Fu style brewing using 5-8g of tea on 100ml water. Rinse the tea briefly and then do repeating steeps (up to 6-12) of 10-20 seconds.

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